New York City Subway Usage


Feb 2023 Update / Warning!

At some point during the pandemic, the turnstiles data seems to have diverged from other ridership data published by the MTA. In particular, reports that daily ridership in early 2023 is around 3 million passengers per day, which is significantly higher than the 2 million per day reported by the turnstile entries data. The datasets report similar pre-pandemic numbers

This dashboard continues to display the “turnstiles entries” metric reported in the MTA’s public turnstiles dataset, but I recently added the turnstiles exits metric as well. Exits currently align more closely with other MTA data, but it’s not clear why the ratio of exits to entries has gone from around 0.8 pre-pandemic, to over 1.5 as of February 2023


COVID Recovery

NYC Subway Usage by Borough

Manhattan Subway Usage by Region